Kelly Kerr
2017 Pinot Personality Prize Winner
Visited... Marlborough

Kelly was our first New Zealand Pinot Personality prize winner. Her spirit region was Marlborough so she bid farewell to the bright lights of Sydney and escaped across the ditch for an incredible trip immersed in the homeland of New Zealand’s most well known variety, Sauvignon Blanc as well as it’s neighbour, Nelson, the aromatics capital of the country. What she was surprised to find once she landed, was quite how suited the regions are to Pinot Noir. Kelly shares her travels with us in part two, of a two part blog series. Read part one here.

From Nelson to Marlborough in three days

The second half of the Pinot Personality trip took us away from Nelson and through to Marlborough. We hit the road and cruised the countryside, taking in all of the breathtaking views and lush landscapes. When we made it to Blenheim after our singalong road trip we were ready to embrace all of the wine oriented activities.

Pinot Noir Blending at Wither Hills

The amazing team at Wither Hills made us feel so incredibly special by setting up a pinot blending session and a tour through the grounds and cellar. It was a true experience and we felt like mad pinot scientist geniuses with our wine mixing. I would definitely recommend doing this experience with a pal or a group of people because 1. It’s fun and 2. You understand what type of flavours and tones you enjoy. For Vicky and I, although we enjoy a lot of the same wine, turns out our optimal pinot blend is completely different.

We then spent the afternoon cycling through the flat streets of Blenheim (no electric motor needed this time). We were so chuffed by the range of cellar doors and the style of wine these incredible wine makers were serving. Definitely picked up a bottle or five on this particular day. Another nugget of advice for everyone though; don’t try to tandem and if you manage to do it tiddly please tell me because we couldn’t do it.

Seafood Odyssey Cruise with Marlborough Tour Company

We then packed up, got in the car, hit play on the Cher playlist and cruised into Picton. Although not a part of the Pinot Personality winnings, Vicky and I chose to splash out and hop on a seafood cruise that tours through the Marlborough Sounds. I have a mild obsession with seafood, wine and boats so this was definitely one of the top moments for me on the trip. Setting off from Picton the team at Marlborough Tour Company suss out what you want to know and learn from the tour and tailor it to suit.

Queen Charlotte Track hike

For a track that apparently takes just over three hours by locals took us six. We learnt that hikes are not the cure to hangovers. I like to think of it as three extra hours to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Marlborough Sounds. The Queen Charlotte Track was absolutely stunning and would definitely recommend it to any visitor.

And before we knew it we were headed back to Sydney.

So, still wondering what it’s like being a Pinot Personality winner? In short, it’s the best ride of your life. Yes, I have been milking the bragging rights for a year now but I am excited to see the next winner explore their personality region. I hope that they also get to visit places they had never thought to visit, meet brilliant locals and travellers alike whilst drinking some of the best wine in the world.

If you missed part one of Kelly and Victoria’s adventures in Nelson and Marlborough, you can check it out here. And don’t forget to take the quiz if you’d like in with the chance of being Mr or Ms Pinot Personality in 2019!

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